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Easy Connect [the crawler]
Software Specification The purpose of this document is to describe the required software development in order to be created a software instrument (a tool for crawling) that includes the following parts:

•    Gathering information for companies and making profiles of them with the products they offer. (Crawling)
•    User interface for managing – the crawler and the information which is gathered. 
•    Sending offers via e-mail.
•    Sorting the results.

Date:     20.09.2015
Version:    1.0
Document Owner:     todor.panayotov@gmail.com

Software Architecture:
As a solution we are using three different types of crawlers written on Perl/ Python or NodeJS.
Redis as a temporary storage while we are building the companies profiles.
NoSQL and Node Webkit for the User Interface.

•    The following Diagram 0-A explains how the tool should work on:

Diagram 0 A

Crawlers and back end:
This chapter describes why we need three types of crawlers and Redis as middle layer storage…